A universe, inside and out






Lamixx Off The Shoulder Dress|Romwe Galaxy Skirt|Unif Vapors|Thrifted Sunglasses

As a writer, I thought I was destined to wear gray blazers and tweed, to smoke cigars in the dark that'd turn my face into a sloping chasm, aged well beyond my years. Yet as I've grown older I'm learning to step outside. There's a universe, glowing, enormous, terrifying, waiting for me to explore, inward and outwards. Though I love to wear a good blazer, there are some days that call for flowing, printed skirts, bug-eyed sunglasses, and ankle breaking heels. From the rooftop of my apartment I can see the entire city, a nice respite from the glow of my computer.

I borrowed this Romwe galaxy skirt from my girlfriend. The top is from an etsy shop called Lamixx, which sells comfy basics I've owned for years. The sunglasses I thrifted from god knows when. The Unif Vapors were a splurge I'm still learning to walk in.


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